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Manaia the supernatural shapeshifter. The colour transition in this Pounamu is well suited to the shapeshifting form of Manaia. This beautiful exemplar is carved by Ross Crump. This talisman that embodies the giants of the sky, land and sea is large in size as well protective symbolism. I imagine the bird as Pouākai  the Giant Eagle that once flew over this swamp …a powerful courageous ally to the ocean leviathan Tohorā the Southern Right Whale  that some of us have been lucky enough to see on their migratory journey North. Tohorā can be up to 18 meters in size ! This carving is approximately 11x 6.5 cm 
This beautiful Pounamu seems to hold within its being the elements of Earth, Sea and Sky that the Manaia moves with fluid grace and power between.

Pounamu Manaia

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