A complimentary talk about Pounamu-held every Friday at 4 pm. Bring your curiosity and your questions. We will talk about the formation of Pounamu in the landscape we stand in.
Learn about how the stone has travelled with the glaciers and the rivers and always with people. For local hapū Ngāti Waewae and Makaawhio, Pounamu is a stone that is hugely important and valued and we will discuss this rich historic and enduring significance with our Pakeha passion and knowledge base gained from growing up with this treasure in our life. We continue always learning from people generous with their carving and stone knowledge.
We will show you beach cobbles and discuss ways to identify Pounamu from the myriad of other green stones on West Coast beaches. Bookings are necessary. We will make a note here if we are unable to hold the talk and if you have booked we will let you know if for any reason we are unable to host. See you Friday✨💚✨

Learn about Pounamu